5 Acupuncture Facts that You Need to Know

According to acupuncture journal, this alternative medicine approach involves inserting needles into certain points under the skin to unblock the flow of energy along the meridian line. The blockage of energy flow is believed to cause illnesses. The aim of acupuncture is to remove the blockage and to restore the flow of energy, thereby enabling self-healing process. Although many people are quite familiar with this definition, they aren’t truly aware of some interesting facts about acupuncture, 5 of which are to be listed below.


1# Acupuncture doesn’t hurt.

acupuncture sensation feeling

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Does acupuncture hurt? Although this procedure involves inserting needles (sometimes can be tens or even hundreds of them) into the skin, it doesn’t actually hurt. The needles are so fine that you can hardly feel pain when they are inserted to your skin. A slight stinging sensation is normal, but once the needles are placed, you will feel nothing but relaxation. Modern acupuncture approach uses electric current that is transmitted to the body through the needles, making the treatment even more relaxing.


2# Acupuncturists are professionals

Just because acupuncture is an alternative medicine approach doesn’t mean acupuncturists are mere traditional healers or even witch doctors with no professional background. The field of acupuncture is considered a professional field that is even backed by the World Health Organization. Besides, the British Acupuncture Council requires that a professional acupuncturist have at least three years of degree-level training before they can be accredited as a professional.


3# Some insurers cover acupuncture expenses

Many people think that all alternative medicine approaches, including acupuncture, are pseudoscientific, so there is no way their expenses will be covered if they take those approaches to get healed. This is a truly big misconception. Some insurance companies actually cover the expenses of getting acupuncture. Therefore, the next time you want to buy a health insurance policy, you may want to check the policy whether acupuncture is included in its coverage and whether acupuncture definition, which defines the type of acupuncture that is covered, is mentioned there.


4# Acupuncture can be better than medical approach.

Acupuncture promotes self-healing by removing blockages that prevent energy from flowing effectively in the body. Once these blockages are removed, the flow of energy can be restored and the body can heal itself. Acupuncture thus doesn’t supply or inject unfamiliar substances to your body like medical approach does. It encourages your body to heal itself and to improve. This is the reason why after getting acupuncture, even if you target only one kind of illness, you will get additional perks like better sleep, more energized body, stress-free life, etc.


5# Acupuncture is suitable for everyone.

Acupuncture is safe and effective for everyone, regardless of their gender and age. All people, be they male or female, from infants to elderly people, can get this treatment if needed. There is no known side effect and contraindication associated with acupuncture, so people with different health issues and conditions, for example neuropathic pain, can get this treatment without worry. Read acupuncture articles in medvivid.com thoroughly and you will see that this efficacious alternative medicine approach is completely harmless.

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