What You Need to Know of Becoming a Massage Therapist

Having your body rubbed by massage therapist not only will make you real but also will give you pleasure. There are many doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors include massage and bodywork  coming to their care. Since the need of trained massage therapists keep increasing, massage therapist becomes a prospective job. I

t happens because more health care professionals use message therapy for sport injury, severe pain and headache. Besides, massage is given to reduce side effects for those who receive cancer treatments, help children suffering from sensory disorders and reduce the pain when giving birth. Hence, there are many people who want to know how to become a massage therapist.


Requirements to be a massage therapist

To get a license as massage therapist, people need to have formal education and training in massage therapy. If you want to take massage training program, you commonly need to be graduated from high school diploma of GED. Those who want to be a therapist need to have preparation since high school by taking associated subjects like biology, anatomy, physiology, and business.

There are many public or private career collages and massage therapy school which provide massage therapy training programs such as Omaha School of Massage. The certificate programs require 500 to 1000 to be completed and they are based on the state requirements. Several schools come up with two-year Associate of Science degree. Curriculum for this program usually includes particular subjects like anatomy, physiology, bodywork techniques, and professional ethics.


The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork which shortly known as NCBTMB make sure that massage schools run based on basic curriculum requirements. There are a lot of states which require the candidates to be graduated from NCTMB assigned programs if they want to take the license exam. Great massage therapy program will contain supervised and hands-on training which suit both educational level and students’ skill.

Numerous programs also involve internships and therapists frequently look for additional supervision and engage in volunteer event prior to obtaining the first paid employment. Massage therapist who would lie to have private practice are better to attain additional business training where they are studying at college, career center or small business development center.


The salary of massage therapist

massage therapist salary

Illustration Pict (pixabay.com)

Due to the high prospect of becoming a massage therapy in the future, many people are curious on how much do massage therapists make. Data taken from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show the average annual payment for massage therapists is $38,040. The lowest payment for 10 percent of therapist is less than $18,860 while the highest payment for 10 percent of therapist can be more than $74,860. By looking these data, it is important to understand that the majority of massage therapists take part-time word and receive various amount of payment depend on the settings.

Therapists who work at franchise might be paid around $15 every hour. However, those who work at spa likely get more since they also often obtain tips. Self-employed therapists themselves are paid approximately $68 per hour of massage.


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