What is a Nuru Massage? A Must Read for First Time Doers

What is a nuru massage seem to be an interesting question to discuss. Some people relate nuru massage with erotic treatment. So, is it true? To find the clear answer, you should read the information below. This is important information to make sure that it is okay to do this massage.


What is Nuru Massage

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Nuru Massage Therapy

Nuru massage treatment is known as an erotic massage therapy. It is a Japanese treatment technique from Kawasaki City. What makes this technique different than the other massage therapy is how therapist does the treatment. First, one or more therapist rub their body with lotion. Then, they start the massage by rubbing their body to the client’s body. It seems this is the reason why nuru massage is also known as an erotic massage treatment. Commonly, therapist is using specific lotion made of brown seaweed plant, mineral, and many more.

People who take Nuru massage believe that the movement and the body contact between them and therapist can reduce stress tension. Definitely, it is a common treatment in Japan but not in all countries. If you want to try this massage outside Japan, you may go to Canada, Europe, and the Unites States because Nuru massage is legal there. There is a rumor that this massage is finished with illegal sexual act. This rumor makes it illegal in most cities in the world.

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