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As we know that there are many types of massage along with different names as well. But, massage can be divided into three basic types, they are: acupressure which referring to the massage from Asia that focused on pressure and energy movement through your body, Swedish massage which focused on increasing circulation of lymph and blood as well as relaxing your large muscle groups and deep tissue massage that focused on connective tissues, its aimed to produce a good chance in posture and movement. However, there are many people love to get Swedish massage for many reasons, so in this point you will wonder about what is a Swedish massage.

Swedish Massage

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What should you know about Swedish massage?

As mentioned above that many people choose Swedish massage for many reasons, which most one is involving a strong stroke but still gentle strokes. You will be placed on flat massage table and it begins on your stomach, then your therapist will take several massage sessions on your body. You will feel like brushing stroke in your back and eventually reach your shoulders, arms then getting down to your legs and lower backs. In your halfway session, you get treatment for your arms, upper shoulders and front legs. Swedish massage is engaged specific massage movements, such as: rubbing, sliding movements, vibration, percussion and more. So, this massage is including of active and passive joint movements. Swedish massage is being included in several medical treatment practices, such as: sport massage, spa treatments. Body warps, pregnancy massage, children massage and more. To know further about its benefits, then you are able to visit Oak Haven Massage.

Oak Haven Massage


How can Swedish massage affect your body?

A Swedish massage can increase your circulation of lymph and blood which is cause the result in cleaning and healing your soft tissues, muscle and skin as well. It will relax and lengthen your muscles and stimulate peristalsis in your bowel. Then the deep tissues will create the micro tears which are filled up with collagen within three days after you have treatment. Then this process makes your muscle is more flexible and supple as well. To get best success, then you should get this stretch routinely in order to retain your muscles and prevent to get any muscle contracture. So, no wonder that there are many people choose to get Swedish massage, if you want to get reference for Swedish massage then you can go to Oak Haven Massage.  Oak Haven Massage is focused on 2 things, they are: provide you with effective deep tissue work which been performed by high trained therapists and great customer service. There are several message offerings that you can choose, such as: deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, sport massage, pre/postnatal massage, Thai massage and more. Even you can book online through their official site, for each season, you are also able to consult with your therapist as well. So, you are able to book your appointment for Swedish massage now. You can visit their page to know more detailed information about services and massage programs.

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